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Your Church For A Greater Experience With God


You cannot make it without Jesus in your life!
You cannot allow the devil to ruin your life, enough is enough!
You can make a turn around and we can help!
If you have the demons of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, anger, and poor luck; Jesus can cast them out of your life and give you good success.
We are here to help you overcome all the evil and hurt you have experienced.
There is a better future for you.  You do not have to live in hurt day after day.
Come and let us help you.
Begin by coming to services and worship with us.
Jesus will call you to repentance for your sins and offer you mercy and grace.
Come and let our Lord come into your heart and life.
Yes, there is hope for you.
Yes, you can.
Yes, all it takes from you is a YES, and mean it.
Jesus has voted for you, the devil has voted against you.  You hold the deciding vote.
Come and cast it at the altar this Sunday morning at 11am.

Pastor Reckart invites you, come, and Jesus will do you good.

Below are some pictures of our ministry in South Africa which we want to duplicate here in Suit-Case City.

Water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins is a beautiful event. Contrary to modern false doctrines, water baptism is not a work of man. It's all about Jesus! You must be baptized in Jesus Name to be saved (John 1:12; Acts 4:32). Old Testament mikveh convert water baptism sets the entire foundation for New Testament water baptism. Under the Old Testament, Gentiles became proselyites by passing through the mikveh baptism waters of separation. These Gentiles came by faith to God. We are Biblical in our baptism doctrine and if a person has not died to the flesh they are not qualified to be buried in the waters of baptismal sanctification.

Who is born of God?  Those who are born again of water and Spirit (John 3:3-5; Mark 16:16; 1Peter 3:21)? It is those who have come forth from their water grave in their resurrection, and have received the Holy Ghost as the Spirit-life of their new Temple. And there are three that bear witness in earth: the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one (1John 5:8). They agree in ONE SALVATION PLAN! They must all three be in a person's salvation or they are NOT SAVED! 

Pastor Reckart baptizes nine trinity Ministers and their wives (18 total), in South Africa in the New Covenant name of God found in Acts 2:38.  Bishop Venter (above two photos), later assisted several Pastors who rebaptized over 100 souls in the lovely name of Jesus Christ. They came by faith to the waters of crossing. They came to receive remission of sin by the blood of Jesus.  They came to stop all future judgments of God against them.  They were rebaptized to come under the New Covenant of grace.
All must by faith be identified in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus in water baptism. Is the grace of God that bringeth salvation present in water baptism? Yes! It is here in the water that a convert is no longer condemned for their past sins.  Here, by the blood of Jesus, all in the body of Christ begin our life of Christian holiness. We were washed, we were cleansed by the blood, and the blood made us holy, sanctified, and regenerated.  
Pastor Reckart has been in the Ministry since 1972.  He is the founder and Chancellor of the Apostolic Theological Bible College.  He is a missionary to the Philippines and Africa.  He and Sister Reckart have traveled over 180,000 miles in the last three years spreading the Apostolic faith. The Apostolic message will continue in the Reckart family. Paul Reckart in white shirt to the left of Bishop Pastors in Bowling Green, Kentucky (his wife and four children to his front). The holiness message within Acts 2:38 salvation will have a witness to the nations. Acts 2:38 has survived nearly 2,000 years and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. 

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